Well…here we are.  On the eve of the biggest game the Vancouver Canucks have played in seventeen years we wait in nervous anticipation.  What will the next two weeks (or less) bring?  Will it be the joy and elation that accompanies a Stanley Cup.  Or will Canucks Nation once again head home empty handed, like [...]

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With all the furor around town as the seemingly well washed masses clamour for every bit of Canuck property they can get their wealthy hands on, here’s a little ticket cost history lesson for you. In 1982, the Canucks’ first trip to the Stanley Cup Final, the cost of our (yes, we were there) seats [...]

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One might think that, after three NHL playoff rounds, we as Canuck fans would be pretty adept at summoning, from thin air, a bubbling hatred for Vancouver’s next postseason opponent. Unfortunately, as a Stanley Cup Final with the Boston Bruins draws near, one may find this difficult. The Bruins are tough to truly hate. The Canucks don’t see them much, so there’s little history of antagonism. All our associations go to the roots of the NHL itself, where the Bruins are seminal. They’re an original six franchise that once iced greats like Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito, and Ray Bourque. Even now, Bruins like Tim Thomas, Zdeno Chara, and Vancouver-born Milan Lucic are tough for BC hockey fans to truly despise.

Left unchecked, one’s Boston-based thoughts could be downright pleasant, but one must check oneself before one wrecks oneself: the Boston Bruins are bad. They are the only team standing between the Canucks and their first Stanley Cup and there is, therefore, no room for any redeeming thoughts regarding them. If you think the Bruins are good, you had better be thinking of some other bruin — some other bear — because the Boston Bruins are bad.

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As anticipated, True North Sports & Entertainment announced today in a press conference that they have purchased the Atlanta Thrashers and are moving them north of the border to Winnipeg, Manitoba. This was easily the most anti-climactic announcement of the year, as the media have been reporting this as a done deal for weeks. However, there were a number of other, more interesting announcements that have gone severely under-reported. I am shocked at how little attention these announcements are receiving. In my mind, these are the real stories from the press conference:

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The dismissal of Teitur Thordarson has done more than throw a spotlight on the new manager and the players at Empire Field; it has also brought into focus the performance of the management team itself. In many ways the decision to fire Thordarson was a brave one. There was little genuine unrest amongst the fans despite a series of poor [...]

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