The Canucks have seemed stacked on paper since July 1st, but the playoffs have really shown how amazing the team really is. The team hasn’t gone through much in the way of playoff adversity, when you really think about it. They’ve never trailed in a series, have faced elimination only once, and have racked up enough wins in each series that they’d have at least three chances to eliminate their opponents.

Of course, it’s easy to expect that with the way the Canucks dominated the league in every statistical category this season. Best offense, best defense, best special teams, best faceoff team, best record. For me, it’s almost like the Canucks were expected to wind up here. Who really expected the Predators to stop the Canucks in the second round?

Really, though, the Canucks’ making it to the Cup Finals for the first time in 17 years is special not only because it was a long time coming, but because it was truly on the backs of the whole team. Like The Avengers, the Canucks’ playoff roster is stacked when it comes to heroes.

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What you’re looking at is a pristine, one-of-a-kind piece of alternative Canucks history: a 1994 Kellogg’s Corn Flakes box that “Salutes the Stanley Cup Champion Vancouver Canucks.” You’re probably well aware that it doesn’t have all of its facts straight. What’s the story here?

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Seriously. After Malhotra initially injured his eye, concerns were raised that his career might be over and that he might never regain vision in his left eye. When he skated in practices, hopes were raised but tempered by the fact that he wasn’t participating in any contact or taking regular line rushes. Coaches, players, and management constantly clarified that his presence was simply indicative of how close the team is and how important Manny is to the team, and not an indication that he would be able to return to game action at any point in the playoffs.

This news changes everything. Where before he seemed to be taking the role of an inspirational mentor, almost a go-between for the players and coaches, his return to full practice indicates that he could play as early as Wednesday, Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final. If he does indeed return, it would be one of the most incredible stories of the Canucks season, even if he only played minimal minutes in a fourth-line role. To return from that kind of horrific injury should pluck every heartstring and bring a tear to the eye of every hockey fan. This is what Disney sports movies are made from.

It’s no longer just “Win it for Manny.” It’s “Win it With Manny.”

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In a series that was initially billed to be a goaltender’s duel, there sure have been a lot of goals scored in the Eastern Conference Final. With Dwayne Roloson and Tim Thomas showcasing styles about as far removed from your standard butterfly goaltender as you can get, the Bruins and Bolts have seemingly taken this as a cue to play 80′s-style hockey. 41 goals have been scored in their 6-game series. 41!

Wednesday’s spirited affair saw the Bruins fall just short of a stunning comeback, as the Tampa Bay Lightning forced a Game 7 back in Boston. This means the Canucks will need to wait for the results of tonight’s match-up to see who their Stanley Cup Final opponent will be.

But which team would be a better opponent for the Canucks to face? PITB investigates, in another segment of This Guy or This Guy.

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