Remember last season, when people said Alain Vigneault was “outcoached” by Joel Quenneville? Many Vancouver fans, Team 1040 callers and even members of the media insisted this was the case, while skeptics wondered out loud what being “outcoached” would really look like.

Wonder no more. Todd McLellan has made some horrible decisions over the last few days, and Alain Vigneault has made some great ones.

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Here’s a closer look at the field for the 136th Preakness: 1) Astrology:  Highly regarded horse didn’t have much of an excuse to lose the Sunland Derby, but may have needed a race or two before getting into winning form.  Responded with a much better effort in the Jerome despite being second.  Could run a [...]

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When Raffi Torres signed a free agent contract with the Canucks last August, we were unsure about what the Canucks would be getting. Did they just acquire gritty, handsy, Raffi, capable of scoring twenty goals a season and clearing a lane like a human bowling ball, or did they just acquire uninvolved, inconsistent Raffi, who got run out of the Buffalo Sabres organization after failing to score a single goal after being acquired at the trading deadline?

The answer, of course, was a little of both, but little did we know that Raffi had a third side: the guy that somehow manages to photo bomb his own photos. His uncanny ability to emerge as the star of a gallery, with his mouth agape, his eyes bugging, his arms outstretched, and occasionally, his body completely upturned, was wholly undersold. Had we known late last summer that a year of Raffi Torres means a year of goofy photos of Raffi Torres, I suspect we would have been screaming for a longer deal. Here are my 15 favourite shots of the Canucks’ most expressive winger.

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