Not too many fighters have had a more emphatic start to their UFC career than Pablo Garza. The Scarecrow has won knockout and submission of the night respectively in his first two bouts in the infant Featherweight division.

In his UFC debut at the TUF 12 finale last December, the California native left Fredson Paixão unconscious with a devastating flying knee in the first round, ensuring the inaugural bout at 145lbs was not a dull affair.

He was also air borne when he submitted Yves Jabouin with a flying triangle in the first round at UFC 129. Not something many attempt in front of 55,000 people, “It was just something I felt I could do at the time, it’s the first time I did it in a fight but I had pulled it off in Jiu- Jitsu tournaments”.

While many people may be surprised at Pablo’s explosive  introduction to the UFC after he failed to make into the house for TUF 12, he does not share their sentiment,” I‘ve been training to finish fights, like all fighters should. I expected it to happen”.

That brief detour to 155 reminded him that he is at his best at Featherweight, “Because of my height, that’s where I have the advantage”.  Unlike some young fighters he has not let his early success go to his head,” I’m just another fighter in my division. I’ve only had two UFC fights and I have a lot to prove before I am any kind of contender. Whoever they ask me to fight I’ll fight I’m just looking to get better”.

However, this refreshing modesty does not eclipse a measured ambition,” I could see myself as the top contender; there is still a lot I have to get better at. I believe one of my big advantages is that I’m well rounded; I’m always looking to improve everywhere. It’s such a competitive division, especially with guys like Kenny Florian dropping down from 55”.

Like other UFC fighters including Nate Diaz and Donald Cerone, Pablo is sponsored by Revgear and he is quick to express his gratitude for their endorsement, especially at this early stage in his career, where a lot of young fighters struggle to make ends meet, “I’m at the start of my UFC career; I’m not making money like GSP, having Revgear sponsor me is a big financial support, having sponsorships help pay the bills, their support means a lot to me”.

He also emphasizes how important their equipment has been in his preparation,” They have everything you need to compete with, the right pads and gloves; their gear is some of the best. It’s definitely given me a peace of mind. Revgear has supplied with everything I need. When I’m training I know I have the right gear. I don’t have to spend time while I’m training looking for good equipment”.

Looks like Revgear have backed a winner!

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