Things are abit quiet on the racing front, this being post-Derby week.  Still, there are some blog worthy items: Despite good intentions by Hastings management, betting handle is down in 2011 compared to 2010.  After 10 days of racing, a total of 4.28 million has been bet, compared to 4.90 million the previous year (source: [...]

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Zach is four-year old kid whose knowledge of the Canucks is pretty remarkable. Not only does he know the name of every player on the team, but he knows all of their numbers, too. I suspect he’d score a tidy 39 out of 39 on the PITB roster quiz; Zach knows what’s up.

Four-year-olds struggle with the alphabet. This kid can remember that Aaron Rome wears 29 and pronounce “Maxim Lapierre.”

Zach knows the entire schedule, too. I bet you none of the Canucks remember who they played on December 28, but Zach does, because Zach is like if Google was a four-year-old boy.

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Thanks to a clutch game 6 victory over the Nashville Predators on Monday and a surprising surge from the Detroit Red Wings, taking the San Jose Sharks to 7 games, the Vancouver Canucks are in the middle of a 5-game break with no games. And it’s taking forever. Seriously, it’s killing me. What am I supposed to do, watch the NBA playoffs? And be reminded that Vancouver could have both the Canucks and the Grizzlies in the playoffs right now? Ugh, no thanks.

Instead, PITB has created this handy guide to kill the next few days with a minimum of muss and fuss.

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No player captured the imagination of Whitecaps supporters quite like forward Eric Hassli when their MLS adventure first began. The Frenchman seemed to collect both goals and red cards in a cavalier fashion that promised a roller coaster ride of entertainment for the whole season. Things have changed though. Since a fifth yellow card earned him a [...]

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