You see, sometimes when you take a quote out of context it has a different meaning than originally intended. It’s funny. It’s frequently juvenile. Just go with it.

In this edition, Joel Ward puts his cape back in the closet.

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Twitter Needs Juice, plus Kevin Bieksa’s 20 best quotes

Much has been made of the hockey players that have recently hit Twitter, with Shane O’Brien being the latest to join its ranks. Much has also been made of the guys we wish would do the same — the guys noted for their sharp wit and their quotey goodness. If you’re asking me (which you aren’t, but just roll with it), Twitter’s direst need is Kevin Bieksa, one of the league’s top quotes, and undoubtedly the star of the Vancouver Canucks postgame locker room.

But he’s not on Twitter. Frankly, Kevin Bieksa without Twitter is like Mozart without a piano, his prodigious gifts isolated from the very medium for which they were made.

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Tonight we saw the importance of a two-goal lead. In the first period, completely against the flow of play, the Canucks opened the scoring. They then took advantage of an odd penalty call to get an almost unprecedented two-goal lead. Then, in the second period, a familiar sight: on a shot from behind the goal line, the puck takes an odd bounce and slips in behind Luongo. Without a two-goal lead, that’s the tying goal and the game takes on a completely different complexion. Instead, the Canucks proceeded to make the final 36-and-a-half minutes of the game deathly boring, shutting down the Predators, the game, and the pleasure centers of the viewers’ brains. It is extremely fortunate that they don’t award style points in hockey (Note: if they start awarding style points, the Canucks need to sign Patrick Chan immediately). Still, while it wasn’t pretty, it was a Canucks game. I tend to watch Canucks games. It should not come as a surprise, then, that I watched this game.

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