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In a live chat with the Vancouver Sun this afternoon, British Columbia New Democrat Mike Farnworth was asked his position on province-wide regulation of mixed martial arts. And in a sign of changing attitudes, perhaps, he indicated he’s completely for it.

The question posed was, “Hi Mike! Question out of left field perhaps – what’s the NDP take on provincial regulation of mixed martial arts? Currently this burgeoning local industry is leaving B.C. because municipal governments don’t know how to regulate it. Would an NDP government set up a provincial athletic commission so we could make sure local MMA is engaged in safely, legally and profitably?”

Perhaps surprisingly, Farnworth responded agreeably.

“It’s extremely popular in my area of Port Moody, and right across the province, and I think the time has come that we look at province-wide regulations,” he told Sun editor Fazil Mihlar.

“We need to work with local government to see what sort of regulations should be in place, but I certainly have no problem with the province regulating mixed martial arts.”

So there you have it, MMA fans. The NDP, which is so often accused of consisting of hand-wringing namby pambies, may well be the MMA industry’s biggest ally going forward… if Farnworth wins.

Will Christy Clark lead on this issue? Or is this a potential GOTV option for the orange people?

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