PITB is all about classic, old-school, screwball comedy, so you know any time someone takes a gob to the gob, we’re gonna be all over it. Here’s an Aaron Rome postgame interview that comes to an abrupt halt when Kevin Bieksa, Tanner Glass, and Raffi Torres, doing their best Ryan Kesler impressions as they peer from behind the curtain, successfully conspire to smear shaving cream all over Rome’s cheeks. It’s a well-executed prank, probably because Keith Ballard isn’t involved.

The irony is that this is probably the only time the media will ever be interested enough in Aaron Rome to interview him, and his teammates just ruined it. Later, they went out to Red Robin, told the waitress it was Rome’s birthday, then threw the free sundae on the ground.

So what’s the occasion for such jubilation? In his 100th game with the organization, Rome finally tallied his first goal as a Canuck, a 200-foot empty netter to seal a win in Nashville. This is only the second NHL goal of his career, and clearly, it’s been a long time coming: the gleeful response from his teammates as the puck drifts over the goal line is classic. You’d have thought they were in the audience for Oprah’s Favourite Things.

While Rome has all the makings of a lifelong NHL journeyman (he flies under the radar, his effort exceeds his talent, he’s nearly bald at 27), he’s found a home in Vancouver for the meantime. He’s made some big contributions to this historic season, spending a substantial chunk of it playing a top four role because of the injuries the Canuck have suffered on the back end. All things considered, Rome probably deserves a look for the year-end unsung hero award, but most of the attention he’s received for his tireless effort has been flack for getting so many minutes. Shame on you, everyone.

Anyway, it’s nice to see him get a little positive recognition.

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