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Today is a great example of why football is the best sport in the world. When passionate fans believe in something strongly enough, they can really make a difference from the pitch right on up to the boardroom.

We’re very pleased that the Whitecaps have listened to Vancouver’s fans and delivered on their promises with respect to the highly coveted Cascadia Cup derby tickets for the upcoming match in Seattle at Qwest Field. We thank them for hearing us out, and for helping supporters across BC realize their dream of taking part in their first ever Major League Soccer away days experience.

Southsiders members will be receiving notice by e-mail this afternoon concerning our plans for acquiring tickets and booking their journey on Southsiders-operated supporters buses for the June 11 match in Seattle.

I’m the first to admit that the Southsiders have the capacity to become a royal pain in the club’s ass at inopportune times. It goes with the territory. Relations between supporters and the Whitecaps flared up in the media  last November during the launch of the club’s season ticket campaign over pricing structure (not over the cost of tickets, but the locations of certain pricing zones affecting supporters).

The truth is, as stubborn and feisty as we are, the Southsiders want nothing more than to be an asset to this club… but to get there, we need to be consulted, respected and understood by the Whitecaps organization. Having had some recent discussions with Paul Barber, I am confident he is the right man to help us bridge that gap and make something truly magical happen here in Vancouver. I’ve told him it is our  preference to march alongside the club rather than against it.

The Whitecaps can soon boast having the oldest and largest supporters group in Canada.  We are just shy of 500 paid members now and will surpass that tally by this weekend. That will put us ahead of the Red Patch Boys in Toronto, and hot on the heels of the Timbers Army in Portland.

I believe that is something we can all celebrate. I encourage all Whitecaps fans to raise a pint with us at Doolin’s Pub (Nelson Granville) on Saturday afternoon to watch the mighty Blue White take on the Philadelphia Union. Kickoff is 1:00 pm, so please arrive early!

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