What is Marc-Andre Fleury doing in this picture? Unless one of the Philadelphia Flyers made good on a threat and literally rearranged his face, he’s shooting himself in the eye. Was it a snowshower he’s washing off? Or maybe he got something in his eye?

Actually, no. I’ve done some investigation on this* and it comes from a very reliable source** that Fleury wears contact lenses and keeps a gatorade bottle of saline solution handy just in case they dry out. Apparently, they tend to get very dry.

Truly, no one realizes that a key disadvantage to playing for the NHL is you never see the commercials during your games, which means Fleury missed out on the Acuvue commercials. Someone should let him know about them — those Oasys lenses stay hydrated longer. Maybe he won’t have to shoot himself in the eye so often. That kind of burst in the eye is dangerous. You can lose your contact lens, and then all the linesmen are down on all fours trying to help you find it.

Plus if he gets better contact lenses, he can have a gatorade bottle full of actual gatorade there. I’m told goaltenders can get thirsty and that saline solution doesn’t help you hydrate.

*No I haven’t
**No it doesn’t

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