Here’s a little vignette for Fountain Tire and, featuring interviews with Keith Ballard and Ryan Kesler. The best stuff comes courtesy of Ballard, who gives us some insight into why he never gets any ice time. Turns out it’s because: 1) He has scoliosis and borderline osteoporosis.Ballard has every ailment short of bulging discs. [...]

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“I’m going to crush you.” “Not if I crush you first.” As if it wasn’t already perfectly clear that Daniel Sedin is using rage and envy over Henrik’s career year last season to propel himself to an Art Ross and Hart trophy this season, we got further proof, Tuesday, when Daniel’s wife gave birth to [...]

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There is an old joke; a tourist is driving around a deserted part of the country looking for somewhere to stay, finally he spots a farmer standing by the side of the road and stops to ask him how to get to the nearest hotel. The farmer thinks for a minute, looks around, and finally [...]

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