Canucks 4 – 3 Flames Last night, the Canucks wrapped up their five-game West Coast road swing with a convincing 4-3 win over the Calgary Flames, and I do mean convincing. Don’t let the final score fool you; this wasn’t a one-goal game. The Flames may have jumped out to an early lead after Mikael [...]

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Daniel Sedin Just Got Keslurked

Just so we’re abreast of all developments, here’s Daniel Sedin falling victim to the Keslurk, as Ryan Kesler pops up over his right shoulder at about the 30-second mark. This is a primo Keslurk, although Kesler appears at such an unnatural angle you’d think Daniel (wizard that he is) actually conjured him up. This might not be Ryan Kesler at all, but rather, a daemon with insidious, chameleonic properties.

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