Video from outside Staples Center after the Kings game. Looks like a lot of fun. Fun is good. Wow, it was exhilarating to go to the Ducks game. I met Daniel and Harrison, and their wives, and that was pretty amazing. We were also surrounded by Canucks fans. Living in California, I only see the [...]

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I Find This Video Odd: Ryan Kesler, Topless Pizza Delivery Guy

Here is a video from of Raffi Torres doing a postgame interview with Kristin Reid. It’s not interesting. For about twelve seconds, that is. And then, a shirtless Ryan Kesler emerges from behind a curtain, chowing down on some za, altogether too pleased with his lingering, nippletastic, pizza-devouring self. First, he just peers. Then he creeps. He gets progressively closer and closer to Raffi as the video goes on. I imagine he’s humming the theme from Jaws the whole time.

And then, after standing directly behind Torres for a full minute, he offers Raffi some pizza. Raffi curtly says “No thanks”, and half-naked Kesler disappears from the frame.

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