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Fan Attic blogger Cdano writes:

The management and media talk is all about finding an effective fourth line center in the next two games. AV is all about limiting fourth line opportunities in the next two games if last nights game was any indication. Is management and the coaching staff working together or against each other?

If this is Cody Hodgson’s (pictured) opportunity to contribute I’d like to know how it is going to happen with him sitting on the bench. As much as I like Tanner Glass’s game, putting Hodgson with him and that plumber Oreskovich is a death sentence. That old saying “It is hard to soar like an eagle when you are playing with turkeys” comes to mind. What is it that he is supposed to contribute with those two guys especially if they are hamstrung by lack of ice time? Though not really given a chance by AV, Oreskovich doesn’t look like he will be able to contribute and he should be sent to Manitoba .

What is the most important goal right now? Is it to win another game or to develop a contributing fourth line? Nice if you can do both but AV doesn’t seem to be able to perform this sort of multi tasking right now.

Does AV think the game would have been any more poorly played with Hodgson and co getting 10 minutes instead of 4?.  I don’t get it especially in view of management’s stated goal.

Does it matter if we lose a game 3 – 2 or 5 – 2? Isn’t it more important right now to supposedly develop some kind of effective fourth line? If AV is going to only play his fourth line 4 or 5 minutes a night he may as well not bother dressing a fourth line and go with 14 or 15 skaters. It is a waste of time for those poor slobs to work hard at opening and closing the bench door for their team mates all night and try and convince themselves at the end of the game that they are thrilled to contribute in any way. Good team talk but this stuff has to crush your confidence.

If ice time is rewarded according to performance, you have to wonder about AV’s myopic vision when it comes to the non performance of guys like Raymond all game and Samuelson in the first period. If AV responded in the same way to Raymond and Samuelson’s total ineffectiveness throughout and early in the game last night, as he did to the fourth line’s apparent inability to contribute in the minuscule time they spent on ice, Raymond and Samuelson would have never gotten off the bench after the first period.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again. This Canuck team does not have a fourth line problem. They have a great fourth line masquerading as a third line. Malhotra and crew bring just what you hope for in a fourth line. Give them 10 minutes a game and life will be sweet.

The need for another forward, center or otherwise is made obvious by the appearance of Malhotra on the power play. There is a consistent effort on behalf of coaches and management to try and make a silk purse out of this sow’s ear. Historically and presently there is no evidence that Malhotra can make players around him more effective offensively. The guy has never scored more than 34 points in a year and he doesn’t make others around him more effective offensively. He does what he does very well but to hope for more is like wishing on stars. Those wishes seldom come true.

What this team needs is a third line. That third line could consist of Hansen, Hodgson and Tambellini or Raymond. But AV would have to give them a chance to succeed. Not likely.

The first line is a given. God help us though if anybody gets injured.

]The Fourth line could consist of Torres, Malhotra and Raymond or Glass.

The Second line could consist of Kesler, Samuelson and Shirokov or Tambellini or another forward potentially acquired through trade in the next few days.

Gillis and AV better get on the same page by next game or just go out and make the trade instead of continuing on with this confidence sapping charade supposedly designed to develop a fourth line center.


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