Nardwuar the Human Serviette is one of those love-him-or-hate-him kind of guys. He can be a bit annoying and more than a little twee, but there’s definitely no disputing his originality as an interviewer. His unique style has earned him international acclaim, and it’s always worth a mention when he sits down with someone. With [...]

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The opening goal of Friday night’s game versus the Blackhawks is scored when Christian Ehrhoff comes off the bench and immediately steps into a slapshot on the blueline. It beats Marty Turco cleanly. But here is something you might have missed: We see, in clip above, Ryan Kesler turn back to the bench, seemingly disinterested [...]

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Cody Hodgson’s Dark Times, Part 2: Now With Hilarious Reader Submissions

If you’re new to Cody Hodgson’s dark times, I recommend you go back and read the original post that led to this one. If, however, you’re averse to doing research just to get a pretty lame joke, here’s a short primer: in an intermission segment about Cody Hodgson’s injury troubles, the narration included the hyperbolic [...]

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