Canucks 4 – Red Wings 5 (OT) The Canucks and Red Wings have met twice this season, and both games have been among the most entertaining of the year. We at PITB often talk about the way Canucks fans view their team’s games through a vaccuum; we disregard the play of the other team and [...]

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The Orlando Magic’s free-fall from elite status in the NBA happened quickly and forced the club into making major repairs.  The Kansas City Royals, facing the prospect of having an unhappy star pitcher, were forced to look for the best available deal.  In both cases the clubs may find that moves born from desperation rarely [...]

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Is it time for the Ultimate Fighting Championship to put Chael Sonnen on ice? The talented Dustin Hazelett was cut from the UFC yesterday after a trio of losses, and while he’s nowhere near the title contender Sonnen is, he’s also not someone who has tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. And nor would he, [...]

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By now, you’ve probably heard about the Green Men, the two guys in bright green bodysuits that sit near the penalty box in Rogers Arena. They’ve been pressing their junk up against the things for well over a year now, and they’ve achieved national recognition for their efforts, especially after an inspired showing during last [...]

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Tony Gallagher wrote an article after the Canucks downed the Maple Leafs 4-1 on Saturday criticizing the effort from the Canucks and wondering how much longer they could play lackadaisical hockey and expect to win. He came just short of accusing the Canucks of playing with the Maple Leafs like a cat with a mouse. [...]

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